Good Health Program

Every Wednesday 11:10am
Good Health with John Healy

The aim of the program is to provide listeners with  practical advice on all aspects of healthy living and enable them to make sound choices to maintain and improve their health.  The emphasis is on the steps people can take to stay fit and healthy. Once a fortnight, a panel of experts (doctors, dietitians, physiotherapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, etc.) provide information and advice on a range of health topics. Listeners can phone in with questions.

John Healy, who presents the Good Health program, and interviews the panel each week, says that “the Good Health Program meets a real need in the community, and provides an extremely effective platform to promote related health services.”

The show is repeated at different time slots to enable early birds and night-owls to catch up. But, if you do miss a show you can always catch up on Facebook – look for Good Health.