The Weekend Wind Down

with presenter John Healy

Fridays 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Presenter John Healy on Great Lakes FM

Don’t get fooled by the accent – I’m Irish, at least I was born there.. In Dublin.

Spent my school years and teenage years in the UK before getting married and travelling a bit.

We’ve lived in Central Africa – Kinshasa, in the Congo. Left there to go back to Uni at Edinburgh for a year. Produced a third child whilst there (gotta have something to do on those cold nights!), before heading off to Papua New Guinea for two years.

Travelled right around PNG before heading back to spend most of the eighties back in Ireland. We settled in Oz in ’88. I reckon I was a bicentennial gift to Australia!

Lived in Sydney on the northern beaches for 25 years before joining all the other northern beaches migrants here in the Great Lakes.

After three years hosting the Friday night “Soul Kitchen,” I switched to the Friday Drive Slot – 2.00 till 6.00, where every week I kick off with a mix of smooth and mellow tunes …. snippets of funny, odd-ball news items from the past week, plus … live interviews with great emerging local bands and occasional international artists. From 3.30 to 4.00 you can catch a mix of classic road songs to help drive you home … then from 4.00 till 6.00 two hours of back to back party tracks.

Kick start your weekends every Friday with me, Johnno in the Arvo right here on Great Lakes FM 101.5. And if you’d like to hear some of my interviews again, you can catch up with a selection on Facebook. Just look for Johnno in the Arvo on Facebook.

I also host the GOOD HEALTH show every Wednesday at 11.15 am where I am indebted to all the amazing local and national health specialists who give their time to provide us with insights into the things we can all do to stay active and stay well. The show is repeated at different time slots to enable early birds and night owls to catch up.